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A New Year to Learn and Grow


For many, the New Year can serve as a reset point. It can be the starting place for an exercise routine or creative practice. It is the same for me. I do not make formal New Year's resolutions. Instead, at the end of December I think about the past months---what worked? what didn't? what did I learn? how did I grow? Then in January I write down what I'd like to learn and experience in the next months.

Here is a list of what I'd like to learn/experience/do in January and February:

  • Practice Duolingo (Italian) and get to Unit 2

  • Finish reading "The Great Spring" by Natalie Goldberg

  • Write 3 short stories about my mother

  • Visit the Boston MFA to learn about the quilt exhibit

  • Practice meditation each day

  • Practice QiGong each day

  • Telephone at least two friends in need each week (in need to conversation/support)

This list will give me a place to start. It serves as a guideline for where I want to go. I'm not going to punish myself if I don't do it all, or don't do activities every day. Instead I am going to celebrate the journey. After all, we all have a journey, whether we know it or not.

Peace to you my friends. Stay safe.


Below are some of my photos from the Kellogg Environmental Center exhibit

A hooked rug mini, 12"x12" - I was thinking about water

Mixed media collage, 12"x12"

Hooked rug mini, 12"x12"

In Closing-

You are a work in progress! Do more of what makes you happy.

Thank you for reading.

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