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Embrace Change

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Last week I hung the art show at the Kellogg Environmental Center (KEC) in Derby. I am exhibiting with Ann C. Rosebrooks, an award-winning acrylic painter.

Ann and I are both member of Connecticut Women Artists (CWA), and that's how we heard about the opportunity, but we had never met.

Initially, I was miffed to learn that I had to share the space, as if I was a child being told to share my bucket and shovel at the beach. But then I caught myself, made the choice to reframe my emotions, and decided it would be fun.

Sharing the space offered several advantages:

I would need to only hang 20-25 pieces, instead of 40-50;

A wider variety of people would come to the reception, not just my friends; and

I'd meet someone new, Ann and I wouldn't be strangers any longer.

It has been said that who you become in five years depends one who you meet and what you read. I am thrilled to be working with my new friend, Ann. Who knows where this relationship will take me? Who knows what I will learn from her or she from me?

Be brave. Step forward. Embrace change.

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