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Ideas for a Construction Project

I am honored to have the chance to exhibit at the Kellogg Environmental Center with Ann C. Rosebrooks, the award-winning modern folk art acrylic painter. She and I had such fun greeting visitors at the reception this past Saturday. Thank you to everyone who braved the torrential rain, thunder and lightning to say hello.

Several attendees had questions about "Parkway Dawn", a textile collage. It was inspired by my early morning commutes on the Merritt Parkway. Anyone who has ever traveled on this road knows what a nightmare traffic can be. Many folks try to get beat the morning rush and I was one of them. I'd leave the house in the dark and see the sun rise through my rearview mirror each day.

The fabrics I used are a combination of hand-dyed and indigo-dyed cottons (that I created) along with painted fabric (made by Mikey Lawlor's daughter). I cut random strips of all of these and stitched them together in a spontaneous and intuitive way, slashing and reassembling them into the final piece.

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