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Monday Notes

Frayed Edges, 10"x10", mounted on 12"x12" stretched canvas

Good morning,

I like Mondays. A new week brings new possibilities. Who knows what will happen? I certainly don’t, but I know that whatever occurs will teach me something. And by learning I grow.

I have an idea for a new series inspired by “Frayed Edges” a mixed media piece that I just finished. This piece is about life, with all its layers, textures, repairs and patches. It’s about the different patterns and textures of existence. It’s a reminder to me that each day comes and goes, one moment at a time. Everything changes, evolves, and moves on one bit at a time. I must remember to continue forward with as much grace as I can muster each day.

New ideas come to me at different times. I could be drinking coffee or driving the car, but if I don’t get started, or write it down, the idea may be lost from me forever.

Still I enjoy dreaming up ideas because ideas are possibilities. Once I have some ideas I can choose what to move forward with. By deciding what to pursue, I decide what’s important to me. It places me on a path of creativity. Who knows what I might learn?

Each idea, like each day, moves forward one step at a time. That first step gets us moving, then another step, and then the next, gets us to completion. Take it easy on yourself. Remember just take one step at a time and repeat.

Thanks for reading.


~ Live a Simple Creative Life

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