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Winding Down

The week after Christmas I ask myself many simple questions. The kind of questions that wrap up the season and the year. What kind of a year did I have? Did I accomplish what I hoped to? Did I meet any new friends? Did I try anything new?

This week is simply about review. We made it through another year. It was a year of ups and downs, not perfect, but there was plenty of good. Whatever happened, happened, and we can be there with all the grace we can muster.

Grace and love. Hope and joy. Another year older and hopefully wiser.

I have a list of what I want to finish this week. Update the credit card number for the automatic payment so I don't receive another late fee. Search the thrift shop for a pair of pants for a friend. Return the Christmas present that didn't fit my husband. Reschedule an appointment.

If I don't cross them all off this week it's ok too. The important things will get finished and maybe those that aren't completed weren't that important anyway.

Find rest.

Find peace.

Be kind to yourself.

Thanks for reading.


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